The council tax for Old Basing and Lychpit (the Parish Precept) is collected by the borough council on behalf of the Parish Council. Details of the amounts charged for each band are shown itemised on your Council tax bill. Details of the Parish Council Precept are given below.

The Parish Precept

A Parish Council gets its funding by receiving a small amount of the local Council Tax. This is referred to as a The Parish Precept. For details of the items of expenditure included in the Precept charge click here

For additional details as to how your precept payment is spent, please click here

Full details of the budget figures may be obtained on request, from the Parish Clerk for a small materials charge.

Please click here to view the 2019/20 Income. 

click here to view the 2019/20 Expenditure.

Please click here to view the 2019/20 Year End Accounts.

Details of previous years accounts can be also be obtained from the Parish Council office.


Annual Audit 2019/20

The annual audit of Accounts for the Year 2019/20 has been completed and the full audit report can be found here.  As stated on their report the External Auditors confirmed that the information provided is in accordance with Proper Practices and no matters were raised as giving cause for concern or requiring further attention.