Recreation Ground

The Parish Council maintains a variety of sports facilities and grounds. Cricket pitch, football pitch, bowling green. Changing rooms available with hot showers. Some of our facilities are free of charge, others are subject to a small charge to help cover the costs of maintaining the facility. All our prices can be found on our fees or charge page.

Contact the Parish Clerk to make a booking.

Public Toilets:
There are Public Toilets in the Pavilion building (including Baby Change Facilities - These are open as follows

Summer (1 May – 30 September): 8.30 am – 8.30 pm

Winter (1 October – 30 April): 8.30 am – 4.30 pm


Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

The MUGA is available free of charge to anyone using this on an ad-hoc basis and is mainly now used as a kick-about area for football or for basketball/netball practice.

Unfortunately, due to continuous vandalism, the tennis posts and net were removed.  Anyone wishing to play tennis should contact the Old Basing Tennis Club to book Court 1.

Groups wishing to reserve the MUGA for specific pre-booked training sessions should contact the Clerk.  There will be a small fee for pre-booked sessions.

 Summer Season: 1 April – 30 Sept (opening times 9am – 8pm)

Winter Season: 1 Oct – 31 March (opening times 9am – 4pm)
  • 5 a side football area
  • Netball court
  • Basket ball court

Other Open Areas

Basingstoke Common

Although totally within the parish of Old Basing the common is provided by Basingstoke Council. It is bounded by London Road (A30), Redbridge Lane, Crown Lane and Park Lane.

From the Park Lane end, there are views across to the office towers of Basingstoke.

This area, which stretches as far as Basing House (but, no, you can’t get free access to the monument from the common) is popular with walkers, particularly those with dogs.

The common is always considered sacrosanct when developers come looking for land. The fear, though, that one day it will house a new estate is always there.

Basingstoke Common

Cowdrey’s Down

This little known-about haven for picnickers lies next to the Basing House car park and near to the Millstone pub.

Cowdrey's Down

Crabtree Plantation

This long stretch of open land lies within the parish but is owned by Basingstoke Council.

It is squeezed between London Road (A30) and the Motorway (M3) and between Dickens Lane and the Motorway access road to Junction 6.

Crabtree Plantation is popular with kite fliers and dog walkers. It is bordered by an extensive and well-managed area of trees and shrubs that provides woodland walks.

Crabtree Plantation

Lime Pits

The Lime Pits are – as they sound – the remains of aggregate excavation.

Today this landscaped area with its trees and hills is equipped with picnic benches, barbecue sites, children’s play areas and car parking and is a popular venue for the parish youth.

The 7.28 hectares are managed and maintained by Basingstoke Council.

Lime Pits

Belle Vue Play Area

Between the shops and police station, on Belle Vue Road, lies the other main recreation area, a small green spot with a children’s play area.

The Mill Field (formerly known as Loddon Valley Open Space)

Providing a welcome green break against the encroaching urban sprawl is the 15-hectare Mill Field. All attempts to develop this popular spot have failed due to its poor drainage – much to the delight of villagers who use the space to walk dogs, ride horses, play football (there’s a kick-about area), fly kites or take a pleasant stroll to the pub. The open space – stretching from Pyotts HiIl to the Millstone pub and which is bordered by Bartons Lane and the River Loddon – is an important site for flora and fauna. The wildflowers attract many butterflies. There is a children’s play area and a skateboarding ramp.


Throughout the new development at Lychpit are children’s play areas. These come under the jurisdiction of Basingstoke Council.

Oliver’s Battery

Between Old Basing Village Hall and the Recreation Ground lies Oliver’s Battery, an area of grassland with rare plants that was once the site of a Norman castle. Today it is a favourite spot for walking and is protected as an ancient monument.

Recreation Ground

The main recreation facility in the parish is The Recreation Ground, which is used for cricket, football, archery, bowls, tennis and netball. There is also a play area for the under 12s with the usual swings, slides and roundabouts.