The Parish Council

Old Basing Parish Council was created by Act of Parliament in 1894. Its first meeting was held in December that year. Its name changed to Old Basing and Lychpit Parish Council in April 2006.

Council meetings are held on the first Tuesday in the month in the Pavilion, Recreation Ground, starting at 7.30pm. There is a public session at the beginning of every meeting to allow comments and questions from the public. Please note that due to Health and Safety Regulations, a maximum of 30 people (including Councillors) are permitted in the committee room at one time.

A full list of Parish committees and their Councillor membership can be found on the Your Councillors page.

The agenda for these meetings is posted on the parish noticeboards (at Belle Vue shops and Recreation Ground in Old Basing and by Lychpit Hall) a week beforehand.

The statutory Annual Parish Meeting is held in April or May.

Old Basing and Lychpit Parish Council Standing Orders.

Parish Council Offices