Planning Response Sub-Committee

TERMS OF REFERENCE Purpose of Sub-Committee 1. The Parish Council (PC) has a statutory responsibility to respond to proposed housing developments within its area, currently as follows: a. 007 Hodds Farm (800 houses) b. 002 Lodge Farm (900 houses) c. 001 East Basingstoke (450 houses). 2. The PC will set up a temporary sub-committee, under the auspices of its Planning Committee, known as the Planning Response sub-committee. Duties of the Committee 3. The PC considers that such developments will detrimentally affect our community by: a. destroying large tracts of the parish countryside b. causing significant infrastructure issues c. damaging the ecological environment d. adversely impacting water courses and drainage e. acting counter to the Parish and Borough’s climate change initiatives. 4. The role of the sub-committee is to provide relevant comprehensive and robust documentary evidence to the appropriate planning authorities. The document or documents will seek to refute or ameliorate any requirement for large scale housing developments in the parish. 5. In preparing its submission, the sub-committee will: a. instruct professional advisors and consultants necessary to deliver the required documentation b. liaise with local groups and organisations which oppose the developments c. actively inform, engage, and consult with our community about these matters. Meetings A meeting will be considered quorate when 4 members are in attendance, one of whom shall be the sub-committee chairman or, in his absence, any person so designated by the PC Chairman. The sub-committee and its teams will meet, as required, in person or remotely. If in exceptional circumstances urgent decisions are required out of session, the PC Chairman may seek approval via email. Approved These Terms of Reference were agreed by the Committee at its meeting on 10th May 2022.