About Our Parish


Old Basing lies to the east of Basingstoke in north-east Hampshire, England. This thriving yet still picturesque parish, comprising the village of Old Basing and the newer development in Lychpit, is home to some 10,000 people.

Famed for its history, Old Basing in north-east Hampshire, UK, shot to national prominence in 1645 when Oliver Cromwell led his troops in the English Civil War to end a two year siege of the great Basing House – home to the loyalist Paulet family.

Basing can trace its history back with certainty to Saxon times. The parish takes its name from the Basingas, the Saxon tribe and followers of a man called Basa – who first settled in the area (hence the name of the parish magazine – Basinga).

Alfred (before he was king) was defeated here in the Saxon v Dane Battle of Basing in AD871. Lychpit is reputed to be the burial ground of those killed in that battle.

As the settlement grew, so did the demand for land so some inhabitants moved a little to the west and Basingstoke (stoke being stockade or suburb) was born. It’s worth remembering that Basingstoke, the great metropolis dominating central north Hampshire, has its origins in Basing.

The village is perhaps best known for the ruins of Basing House.

Basing House and gardens