HAMPSHIRE HIGHWAYS - B969 Binfields Farm Lane, Chineham - Footpath Improvement Works

Published: 16 February 2021

As part of Operation Resilience, Hampshire County Council’s programme to make Hampshire’s roads and footways/footpaths more resilient to the effects of extreme weather and heavy traffic, this notice is to advise of upcoming footway improvement works on a section of footway adjacent to Great Binfields Primary School between Binfields Farm Lane and Pyotts Copse.

The works are programmed to start 3rd March 2021 and are expected to last for up to 3 weeks, during which time the footpath being worked on will be closed.

As we are now in the winter months, inclement weather becomes more of an issue and works programmes are more susceptible to change. Whilst there is an allowance within the time periods shown above for delays, there may be times when Hampshire Highways have to postpone works at very short notice; based on the latest weather forecasts, this can occur just prior to works commencing. They will always look to provide up to date information wherever they can, but sometimes these last minute decisions can be difficult to relay to the travelling public in a timely manner. When possible, any significant changes to the scheduled dates will be made clear on the yellow sign boards located at the works limits.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, works will be carried out ensuring safe working practices, and social distancing between site operatives and members of the public are maintained at all times. The appropriate traffic management will be in place to prevent any interaction.

In order to help Hampshire Highways complete the work as quickly as possible, please ensure that no vehicles are parked on the road (in the vicinity of the footpath entrances) on the days of the works, and that any vegetation overgrowing the footpath from neighbouring properties is cut back to the highway boundary. Please be aware any vehicles left parked on the road that prevent the works taking place, face the risk of being removed.

The surfacing operation uses a separate bitumen layer in addition to the new asphalt footpath surface. In order to avoid potential injury or damage, please do not walk across the footpath during the works unless directed by a member of the workforce.

Thank you for your co-operation and, if you need more information regarding these works, you can using any of the options below.
web - https://one.network/?tm=GB121037124
email - roads@hants.gov.uk

call - 0300 555 1388