Catalytic Converter Thefts - A Message from Basingstoke Police

Published: 23 June 2020

Basingstoke police have received multiple reports in recent weeks that catalytic converters are being stolen from people’s cars in the Basingstoke area. As part of efforts to help tackle this spate of thefts we would like to share some important crime prevention advice with you, so that you have a better awareness of how you may protect your belongings.

In recent years, the price of the metals used in catalytic converters has soared, and as a result catalytic converters are highly attractive to thieves because they can provide a substantial return for just a few minutes' work.

Transit/Sprinter vans and other vehicles with high clearance are especially vulnerable.

The following recommendations can help deter offenders:

- Consider security lighting.

- If your catalytic converter is "bolted on", you can have the bolts welded shut. Ask a local garage.

- Consider the installation of CCTV to protect your vehicle.

- Where possible, park in a garage / secure / well populated area.

- Alternatively, park in a location that restricts access underneath your vehicle.

- Try ‘defensive parking’ against a wall, or if there are multiple vehicles, park the low clearance vehicles to block the high clearance vehicles. This will help obstruct access underneath.

- Identify/etch your converter with a unique serial number (see 'Retainagroup' website) and advertise that the vehicle has been protected (window stickers).

- You can even purchase a ‘cage clamp’ which is a cage device that locks in around the converter to make it more difficult to remove

- If you see someone acting suspiciously under a vehicle, report it to the Police. Obtain as much information as possible, including any vehicle registrations