Grass cutting during the pandemic

Published: 02 June 2020

The Borough Council's grounds maintenance team has been working hard to meet its grass cutting schedule.

It has been a challenging time for all of the operations staff who have continued to carry out their duties while facing reduced staffing through shielding and self-isolation following the coronavirus outbreak.

Most of the team cannot work from home and have had to make some big adjustments to their working day. This includes covering other areas in the service, such as the cemetery or fly-tipping, and applying social distancing to their daily routines and work practices, such as the depot they work out of or the number of staff able to work or travel together.

Following an initial break in grass cutting during the lockdown period, a focus on priority areas such as parks for exercise and verges for sight lines and new social distancing measures, the grounds maintenance team is behind in its usual cutting schedule compared to last year.

The delays are because they have had to make adjustments to working practices and ensure the safety of the team and the public comes first.

It takes approximately three weeks to complete a full round of mowing in the borough and the team is working hard to catch up and get back on schedule to ensure our borough remains a beautiful place to be proud of.

We are asking residents to remain patient and supportive as the team works to catch up during this challenging time.