Before the Reformation, if you were an English Christian, you were almost certainly Roman Catholic. The local Roman Catholic places of worship were the medieval parish churches, most of which are still in use by the Church of England.

Everything was turned upside down with Henry VIII, ‘Bloody’ Mary and Elizabeth I. Switching from RC to C of E, RC again and then back to C of E! Things settled down and Roman Catholics lived in relative safety until Oliver Cromwell came along.

When Civil War broke out the Roundheads executed 11 Catholic priests and most Catholics sided with the Anglican monarchy. The Roundheads besieged Basing House but the ardently Royalist Catholic garrison refused to surrender and a quarter of its inhabitants were killed, including six priests.

The house was razed to the ground. The Marquess of Winchester was sent to the Tower and his sons taken away to be brought up as puritans.

Today there are two churches in Old Basing, the parish church of St Mary’s, a grade one listed building, dating back to the 16th century (but with much earlier origins), and a Methodist chapel.

Church of England

St Marys Church

St Mary’s
Church Lane, Old Basing, Hampshire, RG24 7DJ

Curate: Rev Alexander Battey (Alec)
Tel: 01256 354707

Sunday 8am Holy Communion;
9.30am Sung Eucharist and junior church;
5.30pm Evening Service
Wednesday 10am Holy Communion
Second Thursday in month 2.15pm Pram Service

For Parish Room bookings please email the 
Parish administrator Mrs Debbie Filer or call 07541 698235


The Methodist Chapel

Old Basing Methodist Church

The Street, Old Basing

Minister: Revd. Jayne Webb
Tel: 01256 323103

Sunday 10.30am Morning Service

Roman Catholic

The closest Roman Catholic church to Old Basing is St Bede’s Church.

Holy Ghost Parish
St Bede’s Church, Popley Way, Basingstoke

Priest: Fr Dominic Golding
Tel: 01256 465214

Sunday Masses: 9am, 11am, 6.30pm