Burglary Prevention Advice - Residents Reminded To Remain Vigilant

Published: 02 June 2020

Now that we’re beginning to get accustomed to the warmer weather, and as many of us are spending more and more time outdoors, Hampshire Constabulary want to gently remind residents not to leave windows open or doors unlocked during this time.

Leaving the kitchen or living room window open, or even the back door, to allow for some fresh air into the house while you pop out for a short period of time might for seem tempting, but this could provide an opportunity for someone to take advantage of the situation and commit a crime.

We want to offer up some friendly reminders around personal and household security at this time.

Most burglaries are committed by opportunists. A criminal may pick a house that looks unoccupied, has left a window or back-gate open or has little or no obvious security. These are often spur-of-the-moment decisions, made when they see valuables left on view or lapses in security. Car keys, left somewhere obvious can also be an attractive target.

By looking at your current level of security you can identify areas for improvement and reduce the risk of becoming the victim of burglary. Walk around your property – if you were locked out, where would you try to get in? Chances are that would also be where a burglar would try.

You may also find that opportunistic burglars will knock at your door to see if you are at home. If they see you are in the back garden and have not heard the door they will try the front door. Many people are still lifting the door handle but not locking it while they are at home - this is not enough to secure the door and burglars often enter properties this way.

When you shut the door and lift the handle the hook bolts are thrown into the locking mechanism in the door frame. By turning the key the you are locking these hook bolts into place. If you don't key lock the bolts in place they can be disengaged by simply pushing down the inside or outside handle. It’s vital that you remember to remove the key and to keep it away from the door out of sight. Remember to LIFT, LOCK and REMOVE.

Please do just take that little bit of extra care as we begin to spend more time outside the home.

As ever, we would ask the public to remain vigilant, and to report any crimes which are in progress or where there is a threat to life by calling 999.

Message Sent By
Wes Hutchins (Police, Corporate Communications Officer, Hampshire)