Emerging Policies


We invite you, the residents, groups and businesses of the parish to let us have your comments on these first thoughts for the Neighbourhood Plan.
We have taken on board your views from the drop-in meetings in 2015 and the Questionnaire. Your comments will help us refine these proposals before they go to Basingstoke and Deane and other national bodies for their comment.

Basingstoke and Deane’s Local Plan is nearing adoption and the Inspector’s comments reflected our concerns so there is now more certainty about the development in the parish until 2029. We recognise that new homes are needed and we want to be sure that developments maintain the parish’s special character and contribute positively.
The increased Community Investment Levy we get between 2017 and 2024 can be used for projects so we are also inviting suggestions for community improvement projects.

You can comment until June 15th using the contact us page on the website. This is a chance to make your voice heard to conserve and enhance our parish and its environment.

Use it now! Go on, just do it!

Please click here for the Online documentation for Emerging Policies.


Initial Proposals

Safety of Pedestrians and Cyclists

The safety of pedestrians, cyclists and especially children on their way to school has been a concern for residents for many years past, and this was highlighted by the increased traffic while the Black Dam Roundabout roadworks were in progress. This concern was the main item at the drop-in sessions in 2015.
Here are some measures that we might adopt.

  • A footway along Basing Road.
  • A footbridge over the Loddon on Basing Road.
  • Footway improvements on Milkingpen Lane between Manor Court and Churn Close.
  • PRIORITY sign at Swing Swang Lane rail bridge.
  • NO RIGHT TURN off the A30 into Hatch Lane for westbound traffic.
  • Flashing speed warnings.
  • A further PRIORITY refuge on Hatch Lane like the new one on Crown Lane.

Green Spaces

Certain small spaces are listed here to protect them from development over the period of the Neighbourhood Plan. They are all spaces, less than six acres, valued by the parish for their amenity, tranquillity, environmental and wildlife value.
The Basingstoke and Deane Local Plan, which is nearing adoption, protects other larger sites that are also valued including Crabtree Plantation, the Common, Basing Fen and the Basing House site.
A number of other small spaces including as copses and roadside tree belts are unlikely to be developed.

  • Mill Field
  • Daneshill Woods
  • The Street Recreation Ground
  • Oliver’s Battery
  • Riley Lane allotments
  • St Mary’s churchyard
  • Bellevue Road play area
  • Basingstoke Canal sections
  • Woodland area between the Riley Lane cemetery and the railway line
  • Copse on the south side of the railway line on the track between Hodd’s Farm and Milkingpen Lane